Teeth Whitening in Middlebury, CT


Teeth whitening services are one of our most popular dental cosmetic treatments. We believe that this is because almost all adults agree that our smile is our biggest asset. This being said, the need for an attractive smile is evident in today’s society and people who sport whiter and brighter smiles are perceived as healthy, happy and successful. At our dental practice, we offer teeth whitening in Middlebury, CT for patients who need to boost the appearance of their smile.


Why Teeth Whitening?Middlebury Professional Teeth Bleaching services

The desire for a whiter smile goes back to our beginnings. We are naturally attracted to people who are healthy and have good genes. Whiter teeth give exactly that impression. However, there are other benefits to undergoing bleaching procedures. A whiter smile:

  • Creates a more youthful appearance
  • Improves your interactions with others
  • Improves your chance at professional success
  • Improves your self-confidence


Teeth Whitening at Middlebury Smiles

At Middlebury Smiles, we offer both in-office professional whitening and take home whitening trays. We know that some patients prefer one treatment to another and we are dedicated to providing a whitening experience that is comfortable and suits each patient’s oral needs. While both procedures use the same powerful, high-quality peroxide gel, there are clear differences on how the procedures work.


In-office whitening

Our patients who prefer in-office whitening treatment are first required to undergo an initial consultation with Dr. Kanka. During this consultation, our dentist and staff will review your oral health to be sure that you are a candidate for this procedure. Patients who have extensive periodontal disease or tooth decay are not recommended for teeth whitening. Additionally, patients with restorations must realize that their restorations will not whiten with the surrounding teeth and may create an uneven shade.

If the patient is considered a good candidate for whitening, they will be seated in our comfortable chairs and soft, plastic devices will be used to retract and protect the cheeks and lips. Then, a special resin is placed around the outer layer of the tooth to protect the gum line from the gel. Once this resin is cured, our dentist will apply the powerful hydrogen peroxide power bleaching gel directly to the tooth. After a certain time the gel is suctioned off and the mouth is rinsed out. This process can be completed up to 6 times until the desired results are reached.

Our in-office procedure is fast and can be completed in under 2 hours. The procedure does not require intimidating lights and the gel helps to strengthen enamel and decrease sensitivity.


Take Home Whitening Trays

Dr. Kanca and our staff believe that take home whitening trays provide longer lasting results than quick, in-office procedures.

After an initial consultation to determine if the patient is a good candidate for this process, Dr. Kanca will then make impressions of the patient’s teeth and send them to the laboratory where customized, plastic trays will be created. Once these trays are returned to our office, we meet with the patient and provide the strong whitening gel. The patient lines the trays with this gel and inserts the trays into the mouth.

Our dentist will determine how long and how often the patient wears the trays, as this is determined by their oral health and desired results. Patients often prefer this take home method because they can whiten their teeth in the comfort and privacy of their own home and often report longer lasting results.


How to Care for Your Teeth After Teeth Whiteningdental whitening treatment in Middlebury

The results of professional teeth whitening depends on how you care for your teeth after the procedure. Here are some tips on how to extend the life of your newly whitened smile:

  • Don’t smoke. Tobacco use can quickly stain teeth. Avoiding smoking or tobacco use, in general, can help prevent yellowing teeth.
  • Avoid eating dark foods and drinks. Foods such as dark berries can stain teeth. Also, dark liquids such as coffee, sodas, teas and red wine can create dark stains. Avoid these but if you cannot, try drinking dark liquids through a straw to minimize the contact with the teeth.
  • Brush and floss daily. This simple practice will help rinse and brush away the lingering foods and liquids that eventually turn acidic and destroy the enamel of your teeth. Once the enamel is weakened, it is easier for stains to seep deep into the surface of the tooth.
  • Drink plenty of water. Drinking water will also help to rinse away food debris and keep your teeth healthy, strong and glowing!


If you are interested in a procedure that can immediately improve your smile, teeth whitening may be the right choice for you! For more information on our whitening solutions in Middlebury, CT, visit our office or call us today at (203) 758-8059.